Engineerette is a blog for students and engineers who want to build a successful career without giving up work-life balance.

On this site, you will learn how to:

  • earn that engineering degree without selling your soul
  • defeat the need-work-experience-to-get-work-experience deadlock
  • network without being awkward
  • and more!

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How this blog came to be

Engineering is notoriously tough, but that’s what makes success all the more sweeter.

I’m currently working in the energy sector and specialize in power transmission. Before that, I had worked in mining, data analysis, and building design.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in electrical engineering. While I was in school, I had the pleasure of researching renewable energy with brilliant professors and collaborating with students to build a solar powered car.

It’s been a wild ride for me and I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned on this platform!