These are some handy tools that can help you through school and work. I am not sponsored by any of the resources listed below. I genuinely think these tools are incredibly helpful and wanted to compile them in one place.


Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos graphing calculator logo

Fast and intuitive graphing calculator that makes a great teaching and learning tool:

  • online graphing calculator
  • clean user interface
  • instantly graphs in real time
  • available on desktop and mobile app

Desmos Scientific Calculator

Desmos scientific calculator logo

Great as a backup scientific calculator with history, ans key, and more:

  • available on desktop and mobile app
  • app available offline


Wolfram|Alpha logo

Computing engine can handle tough numerical computations, perfect for checking work:

  • originally a platform for numerical computation and data visualization
  • today it is much more powerful and is described as a computation knowledge engine



Ptable logo

Dynamic periodic table, convenient for homework:

  • properties listed for all elements
  • can link elements directly to Wikipedia page
  • mobile web version is usable but could use some work

Engineering Toolbox

The Engineering ToolBox logo

Lightweight website which provides information to a variety of engineering topics:

  • large collection of tables and graphs related to engineering
  • not the prettiest website, but its simplicity can be appreciated