Fast Breakfast Ideas for People with No Time

Fast breakfast ideas for people with no time

Whether it’s morning lectures or the 9-to-5 grind, many people find themselves neglecting the first meal of the day. However, many don’t realize that you can eat right and work hard with the right strategy! Try out these fast breakfast ideas for people with no time.

Now, I don’t want to sugar coat the not-so-glamorous reality of not having time to eat, and this isn’t a food blog. Although I call it ‘breakfast’, my portions are small for most people and the intention is to eat something instead of nothing. Baby steps!

The strategy

A good idea is to have a combination of ‘fast-to-make, fast-to-eat’ food. Obviously the more time you have, the more you can eat.

My breakfast-by-time menu

Food GroupItem Time Needed (minutes)
ProteinSliced sandwich meat2
Fried egg5
DairyCheese0 (bring to-go)
Yogurt0 (bring to-go)
ProduceBanana0 (bring to-go)
Tangerine0 (bring to-go)
Trail mix granola bar0 (bring to-go)
Juice0 (bring to-go)
GrainSliced bread or bagel3
Cereal (paired with milk)4

This is a very simple plan on paper, but it’s important to actually have the food there when you need it, particularly when it comes to the emergency “bring to-go” food. I try to have at least one item from each food category ready.


Cream cheese bagel, fried egg, and proscuitto on a plate
Example of a ten minute breakfast

Depending on how much time I have, I pick and choose what fits within my time budget. For instance, if I have 10 minutes to eat, I might pick the following:

sliced meat (2 minutes) + bagel (3 minutes) + fried egg (5 minutes) = (10 minutes)

If I’m still feeling hungry, maybe I’ll toss a yogurt and tangerine into my bag for later.